Part of flying is to also make sure you are in adequate health to safely operate your aircraft.  
    Prior to spreading your wings, you will need a 3rd Class Medical exam at minimum.

    Our friends at The Liberty Clinic can help.

    2609 Glenn Hendren Dr.
    Liberty, Missouri 64068
    (816) 781-7730

    Contact them and schedule an appointment with Dr. John D. Owen, M.D.
    ** And tell him Rebel Aviation sent you.  It will make him smile. **

    They can help you with all classes of FAA Flight Physicals

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Multiengine

    Dr. Owen is also:

  • an Air National Guard Flight Surgeon
  • a FAA Safety Advisor
  • a Board Certified Family Physician

    Why get your medical from just anyone?  Why not another pilot?!?!
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